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Tue Mar 1 15:35:10 MST 2005

On Tuesday 01 March 2005 03:25 pm, David Smith wrote:
> Indeed. I see now that 'top' shows the threads when I key 'H' and ps shows
> them when I add a "-m". Any idea where default configuration for top and
> ps is stored?

why toprc of course, for top at least :)

   5a. SYSTEM Configuration File
       The  presence  of  this file will influence which version of the 'help'
       screen is shown to an ordinary user.  More importantly, it  will  limit
       what  ordinary  users are allowed to do when top is running.  They will
       not be able to issue the following commands.
          k         Kill a task
          r         Renice a task
          d or s    Change delay/sleep interval

       The system configuration file is not created by top.  Rather, you  cre-
       ate  this  file  manually and place it in the /etc directory.  Its name
       must be 'toprc' and must have no leading '.' (period).   It  must  have
       only two lines.

       Here is an example of the contents of /etc/toprc:
          s         # line 1: 'secure' mode switch
          5.0       # line 2: 'delay'  interval in seconds

   5b. PERSONAL Configuration File
       This  file  is written as '$HOME/.your-name-4-top' + 'rc'.  Use the 'W'
       interactive command to create it or update it.

       Here is the general layout:
          global    # line 1: the program name/alias notation
            "       # line 2: id,altscr,irixps,delay,curwin
          per ea    # line a: winname,fieldscur
          window    # line b: winflags,sortindx,maxtasks
            "       # line c: summclr,msgsclr,headclr,taskclr

       If the $HOME variable is not present, top will try to  write  the  per-
       sonal  configuration  file to the current directory, subject to permis-

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