wireless broadband near west mountain

Josh Coates jcoates at archive.org
Wed Jun 29 08:58:03 MDT 2005

if you are going the wireless route, have you checked with digis.net?

i'm a customer, and their 802.11b solution is so-so (but then again, i'm not
a fan of 802.11b for broadband), but it's priced right.  their microwave
solution is very good, very good latency, and priced very well compared to a
T1, with better bandwidth - in fact i was suprised to see that their
microwave solution has lower latency then our T1!

Josh Coates

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I've recently moved to Payson, actually right by West Mountain.
So far I've found NetBeam offering wireless T1 service.
What other options (if any) are there for connectivity in the area?


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