July BBQ

Ryan Nielsen ffl at asphaltzipper.com
Tue Jun 28 09:05:20 MDT 2005

Jacob Fugal wrote the following on 6/28/2005 9:03 AM :

>On 6/27/05, Hans Fugal <hans at fugal.net> wrote:
>>Jayce^, Navajo taco dough is hardly showing off our l33t bread skillz.
>>My vote is for the grill, but I might be convinced to bring some
>>sourdough bread for, um, sandwichifying your brats.
>Mmmm, brats on Hans' homemade sourdough. If that doesn't get your
>mouth watering, what can? Although Navajo tacos are good (and you can
>use flame kissed beef/chicken as the innards rather than ground beef)
>there's nothing like a good brat, and you can't really put a brat into
>a navajo taco...
Hmmm, and I thought you were talking about my bad kids. :-D

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