July BBQ

Jason Hall jason at infogenix.com
Mon Jun 27 16:59:28 MDT 2005

So it's time once again for the summer Plug BBQ/Surplus Swap Meet/Family get 
together.  I would like to get some more feedback and possible voulenteers 
for various aspects of this years activity.

1) Date: We are looking at having it mid to late July, most likely on a 
Saturday.  Any objections or other preferences?

2) Location:  Last year was pretty good, do we want to try for the same park 
in Orem (Center Street area), or if reserved, try somewhere else? Anybody 
willing to get the reservation for us?

3) Food: We've discussed doing a Navajo Taco type event, where it would be 
easy for people to bring single items and go do some open-source cooking 
(besides, then all the gentoo people call compare optimizations in their 
taco's).  This will also allow certain bread crazy members of plug and #utah 
to show off their dough.

Anybody else want to give opinions and ideas?  Anybody willing to commit to 

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