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Nick Barker nick at
Thu Jun 23 09:41:24 MDT 2005

I have personally had great luck with .  100% uptime and
plenty of tools.  Their support is 24x7 and very responsive.  

> I am a member of a non-profit organization and have recently been put
> in charge of the website.  We are currently hosting static HTML pages
> for free.  The direction they wish to move the site will require
> scripting and database support.  This will require us to move the
> website to another location.
> Does anyone know of some good, yet cheap web hosting sites where I can
> use PHP and MySQL and have a reasonable amount of disk space (say,
> 100MB - 1 GB) and bandwidth?  I don't know what they are willing to
> spend on hosting, but the lower the cost the better (naturally).
> --Scott
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Nick Barker

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