Help! Server mainboard emits dual-tone alarm and does nothing else

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Thu Jun 23 09:01:44 MDT 2005

On 6/22/05, Derek Carter <goozbach at> wrote:
> ditto... I burnt up a MSI motherboard do to overheating as well. I had
> the same exact symptoms Doran.
> The problem with mine was that the 'overheat protection' (something MSI
> built to protect those pesky infiernos called thunderbirds) circutry was
> broken and the board wouldn't allow the system to post.
> good luck man.

Ditto, ditto.  My mobo is running fine -- no melting! :) -- but the
BIOS heat setting was too low.  Actually the heat setting was fine
until I installed my nVidia FX 5900 card (which puts off as much heat
as the primary CPU).  Once I increased the setting a few degrees, all
was well.  I later added three fans to the case (I would highly
recommend this), the system heat went down to normal levels again
(though I still have my BIOS heat setting notched up).


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