Help! Server mainboard emits dual-tone alarm and does nothing else

Chad H. oldtoker1 at
Wed Jun 22 21:12:38 MDT 2005

Doran Barton wrote:

>I'm building a server for a customer and things are not going well. I'm
>hoping someone on the PLUG list can shed some light on my problem before
>the motherboard manufacturer gets around to replying to my mail begging for
>I'm installing a two AMD Opteron 244 CPUs in a MSI K8D Master3-FA4R
>motherboard. I went to Kingston's website and matched up some RAM for this
>specific board since the requirements are fairly strict with regard to
>Registered, ECC, voltage, CSL, etc.
>Every time I power up the system, it does nothing for about 15 seconds and
>then the onboard speaker begins emiting a dual-tone alarm. It sounds like a
>British ambulance. 
>I've tried configuring the system as a single-CPU. I've tried the
>"disconnect everything" approach. Nothing changes.
>Someone please save me from this hell.
I don't know if this applies but the "European Siren" sound coming fom 
my MSI board indicates an overheat situation. sounds to me the built in 
heat detection settings in the board are set farly low. you might try 
increasing them to a more acceptable range.. and as far as it not doing 
anything..  The "TECH" ( I use the term lightly ) from whom I bought my 
whole setup had forgotten to add CPU Paste to the CPU.. This renedered 
the board useless.. as "I THINK" tho not sure that somehow the MSI 
boards are measuring resistance or something across the top of the chip. 
as soon as paste was applied.. BANG everything went to working.. Just my 
2 cents and experience with MSI..

I hope this sheds a little light on the situation.

Chad Harris

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