disable auto-configuration of resolv.conf

Steve Dibb steve at wonkabar.org
Wed Jun 22 12:16:34 MDT 2005

I'm trying to find a quick hack so I can get some boxes so they can't 
get on the Internet, but can still our intranet at work.

Right now they use DHCP to assign their IP addresses and all, but 
resolv.conf in /etc has two nameservers in it.  If I take out one of 
them, they can't get online anywhere (yes, they can still get online if 
they know the IP address, which is fine -- I'll put in a better fix when 
I have more time).

I'm trying to find a way to set that automatically on boot though, but I 
don't know what program is setting it.  Is it dhclient3?  The distro is 

I could also just have a script that overwrites it at boot too, but I 
don't see anything that looks like "local" in the init/rc scripts.

Does anyone know where I can set it?



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