Printing shipping labels using Perl

Mister E Mister.Ed at
Tue Jun 21 15:35:15 MDT 2005

I might be able to help a little.  I just completed updates in USPS and 
UPS for our open source cart for basic real time rates.  However I 
skipped the label and tracking API stuff and left it for later this 
year.  Also I'm in the middle of trying to get our cart released, so not 
sure how much help I'd actually be, but I'm willing to look at it or 
collaborate so I can speed up the integration into our cart.

Then if UPS threatens to sue us, we'll just tell them: "oops! we meant 
to help your competitors: DHL and FedEx ... so sorry, but yours landed 
in there by almost mistake. We will let folks know that UPS doesn't want 
their business in the future".  I figure anyone that doesn't want their 
customers to be able to access their services/products doesn't deserve 
anymore encouragement.

Mister Ed

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