Printing shipping labels using Perl

Brandon Beattie brandon+plug at
Tue Jun 21 14:48:23 MDT 2005

I've had a side project to help someone come up with a way to print
labels for a/any shipping carrier.  I've been meaning to help for a
couple months but I haven't found a way to do this in my spare time.
The only requirements are that it takes the address info from a csv
dump.  There (?used?) to be a perl api for this, but apparently UPS
threatened to sue the guy and it's no longer maintained on CPAN.  I have
been unable to find any other API that provides a way to login to a
shipper and pay for the shipping amount and get a label that can be
printed and put on the package to ship.

If anyone has worked with online shopping carts (Or just accessing an
online shipping provider's api) and using perl, what would you recommend
for getting something like this done?  I'd take anything from links,
documents, code examples, or if it's something you could come up with in
a couple hours some sort of trade just to get this done.  I'm not being
paid, just trying to help out but it would be worth something for me to
get this done and off my back. :)  "How hard can it to print under
linux?"(tm). :)


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