All possible combinations algorithm

Dan Wilson dan at
Wed Jun 15 10:58:58 MDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-15 at 10:05 -0600, Stuart Jansen wrote:
> Face it, you did a poor job of presenting your question. Josh pointed
> out it was simplistic and wanted to make sure you weren't a student
> trying to get someone else to do his work. When you realized you looked
> foolish, you lashed out instead of clarifying. Hardly Josh's fault.

Both our faults... you are correct that I didn't present my problem very
well.  But Josh didn't respond in a very respecting way either.

I'm sorry for my poor presentation, but as I said before, I guess I'm
the only one that has ever sent an email late at night that didn't say
what I was intending.


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