All possible combinations algorithm

Ryan Byrd ryanbyrd at
Wed Jun 15 10:48:10 MDT 2005

Stuart's presents a tough online character, doesn't he?. Don't worry,
he's much nicer in real life. Josh comes off as a jerk sometimes as
well. He, too, is much nicer in real life. :) Also, he's a freakin'
genius. (Stuart's no dummy either.)

Some ideas that might be related:

1- as mentioned, you're trying to find permutations. searching for
"php permutation function" in google returned a few solutions

2- once a particular subset of permutations is found, the remainders
are simply those strings reversed

3- here's an algorithm that I thought of: take the first string and
form permutations that begin with that string. then shift and wrap
through those permutations to get the remainders. for example, with
array a,b,c,d
i) the original ones

ii) shift and wrap
abcd bcda cdab dabc
abdc bdca bcad cadb
acdb cdba dbac bacd
acbd cbda bdac dacb
adbc dbca bcad cadb
adcb dcba cbad badc

tah dah!


On 6/15/05, Stuart Jansen <sjansen at> wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-06-15 at 09:35 -0600, Dan Wilson wrote:
> > Wow... leave it Josh to bring someone else down in order to make himself
> > look that much more intelligent.  That was pretty jerk.
> Oh come off it, if anyone's a jerk it's you for unfairly attacking Josh.
> He asked a valid question. Your question has multiple obvious answers
> that anyone with a CS degree or sufficient real world experience would
> be able to find easily. All of them, unfortunately, is O(n!). The only
> way to discover which is best is benchmarking.
> Now if you were looking for something other than an O(n!) algorithm, you
> should have said so. You should have probably also asked somewhere else.
> The Plug list has only a handful of people that might be able help you,
> ironically one of them is Josh.
> I would suggest instead consulting Dr. Google. Some search terms you
> might find helpful: array permutation efficient algorithm factorial
> Face it, you did a poor job of presenting your question. Josh pointed
> out it was simplistic and wanted to make sure you weren't a student
> trying to get someone else to do his work. When you realized you looked
> foolish, you lashed out instead of clarifying. Hardly Josh's fault.
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