UPyUG meeting tonight

Daniel C. dcrookston at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 17:51:22 MDT 2005

On 6/9/05, Jonathan Ellis <jonathan at carnageblender.com> wrote:
> The Utah Python User Group (http://utahpython.org) has its re-inaugural
> meeting tonight at 7:00 at Novell.  (Full directions on the website.)
> Paul Cannon will present on metaclasses.  Short version: metaclasses are
> to classes as classes are to objects.  Why is this interesting or
> useful?  Paul will explain all.
> Newbies and battle-scarred veterans welcome. :)
> -Jonathan

Oh bugger.  I *want* to come to this meeting, really I do, but I have
to be at the UPHPU meeting at 7.  Will someone take notes or something
that I can read later?


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