PERL Programmer Desired - Open Source Project

Mister E Mister.Ed at
Thu Jun 9 17:26:00 MDT 2005

no worries :)

I tend to get blasted when I join a new group for doing something 
against the established norms (99% of the time not on purpose): too 
stiff, too bubba, too innovative, too smart, too slow at responding, or 
I don't pretend to know everything very well.  I don't venture onto user 
goup lists too often, so I'm not up on all the quirks and protocols most 
all accustomed to.  I apologize to the group fer intruding as bubba, the 
other stuff I was just accused of, and just being me.  After last 
night's meeting, I figured I might end up being the odd man out to a 
certain point.

I use the bubba routine due to that fact I fear coming across arrogant. 
  I was one of those wiz kids that started college at 14 and went to MIT 
later.  Had to endure being picked on fer being different. Also, I don't 
care about a best foot.  I found out the hard way that the reverse works 
better.  I played that game for 20 years and now figure if folks can 
stand to have their spell checker go bazerk while chompin on my 
anti-formal emails, then they must be alright and worth listening to.

anyway, if anyone is interested, I am a nice guy, and a little smart 
(maybe smart "elic" like) and don't talk like a cowboy unless on my 
horse or in my big ol hat.

Stuart: I hope I didn't skwish ya like a bug in a former life.   Cause 
I'm sorry if I did.  I didn't mean to be mean :)

anyways, atleast I know I'm still effective at stirrin up the hornets 
nest.  Ya'all will either hate my posts or you'll like em... don't 
matter to me much, just that it's productive and/or constructive either way.


Mister Ed ... of course ... of course (aka Carl)

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