PERL Programmer Desired - Open Source Project

Mister E Mister.Ed at
Thu Jun 9 14:45:34 MDT 2005


I new here, but thought I'd give this a whirl as well...

I'm looking fer any folks interested in working on an open source 
project on the side?  It's called AgoraCart, based on perl, roughly 
500,000 users, and fairly well know in most web hosting circles as we 
are included in Cpanel.

I'm looking a person or two interested in gaining more real world 
experience and/or willing to almost nearly donate time (or work fer 
nearly nothing until we can figure sumtin else out) to improving the 
legacy perl code we have.  I'm the main person maintaining the project 
and I'm getting tired of falling behind to unimpressive PHP projects 
because I can only devote so much time to the project.  I need 48 hours 
in a 24 hour day :)

I can entertain some sort of compensation package as needed, ranging 
from a salary to office space fer your own projects to hosting fer 
anyone interested.  This can also work into bigger opportunities or a 
real job with ownership and bennies :)

If yer interested, or willing to help out on our humble little work 
horse, then give me a holler:

office: 801-377-1565


Carl "Mister Ed" Mayo
K-Factor Technologies, Inc

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