EPS 12V 8-pin connector

jeff jeff at parlant.com
Wed Jun 8 14:12:30 MDT 2005

Oops, completely missed the 8 pin thing.

The 8 pin connector is used on some server motherboards, like Intel 
server boards.

What kind of PS is it.  I have been looking for one with the additional 
8 pin connector.

Sorry, I don't know if you can use 4 of the eight with the 20.

jeff wrote:
> I had to look all this up about a month ago.  He is what I found:
> ATX     -> 20 pin
> ATX12V  -> 20 pin ATX & 4 pin +12V
> EPS12V  -> 24 pin (ATX + +12V)
> BTX     -> 24 pin
> The ATX12V 20 pin and 4 pin connectors can be plugged in together into 
> an EPS12V motherboard socket.
> BTX is not compatible with EPS.
> Topher Fischer wrote:
>> I have a dual Athlon MP motherboard (a Tyan Thunder K7X Pro) and an EPS
>> power supply.  The motherboard has an EPS 12V 24-pin connector and an
>> EPS 12V 8-pin connector.  The power supply has an EPS 12V 24-pin, EPS
>> 12V 8-pin, and an ATX 12V 4-pin.  My problem is that the 8-pin cable
>> from the power supply doesn't quite reach the connector on the
>> motherboard, but the 4-pin does.  I can plug the 4-pin cable into one
>> side of the 8-pin connector and it can power up.  My question is, what
>> exactly is the 8-pin connector for?  What are the benefits of using the
>> EPS over the ATX?  Also, anybody know a good place to get an extender
>> cable for the 8-pin?
>> Thanks in advance,

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