[OT] interstate laws regarding electronics

jeff jeff at parlant.com
Tue Jun 7 13:19:23 MDT 2005

If I remember correctly, all electronics are required by federal law to 
honor a 90 day warranty.

Dave Smith wrote:
> Group,
> This is more or less exactly off topic, and I apologize. I don't know of a
> more informed corpus of geeks to which I can turn for this burning
> question.
> Is anyone familiar with the laws regarding the selling of electronics with
> no warning labels? For example, a consumer purchases a piece of $500
> electronics on the Internet from an out-of-state vendor that requires some
> assembly. The gear arrives with no warnings or instructions and explodes
> due to the consumer's improper wiring (causing minor injury), what options
> does the consumer have in obtaining a refund if the vendor is unwilling to
> provide one?
> Anyone have any experiences?
> Sorry again to interrupt the usual flow of always-on-topic posts. :)
> --Dave
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