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Nicholas Leippe nick at byu.edu
Tue Jun 7 11:31:52 MDT 2005

On Tuesday 07 June 2005 11:23 am, Von Fugal wrote:
> * Hans Fugal [Tue,  7 Jun 2005 at 11:15 -0600]
> > DPI is dots per inch. The nvidia driver is calculating your DPI as 147,
> > because it thinks your display has 147 dots per inch. That number is
> > only ludicrous if your display doesn't have anywhere near 147 dots per
> > inch.
> So does that mean that DisplaySize is the physical size of the display?
> If so, in what measurement?

I've seen log outputs in cm or mm before. It should be available from the dpms 
info, but I think you can also force it in the config file.  The more 
accurate information the X server has, the better display quality you should 
get w/regards to correct font sizing.  If your dpms is wrong/buggy, then 
forcing it would be the best option IMO.  (realize, that your monitor's dpi 
should change with your resolution setting)

A 19" monitor at 1900 pixels should be around 125 dpi in the X direction.
A 17" monitor at 1900 pixels should be around 139.
147 does seem a bit high--it'd be great to have a monitor with that kind of 


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