[OT] interstate laws regarding electronics

Dan Stovall dbstovall at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 09:58:28 MDT 2005

> Is anyone familiar with the laws regarding the selling of electronics with
> no warning labels? For example, a consumer purchases a piece of $500
> electronics on the Internet from an out-of-state vendor that requires some
> assembly. The gear arrives with no warnings or instructions and explodes
> due to the consumer's improper wiring (causing minor injury), what options
> does the consumer have in obtaining a refund if the vendor is unwilling to
> provide one?

Just sue them.  You will win.  Take a look at the stella awards.

If these people can sue and win hundreds of thousands to millions of
dollars then someone with a seemingly legitimate arguement should be
able to get some compensation.  Especially if you are asking for
something reasonable like, refund the money, pay medical expenses and
court costs.

Sorry but I have no real advice or experience to help you with this. 
I would contact the Better Business Bureau.  They gave me some great
advice once.  I only wanted to file a complaint against a former
employer and they advised me that I was actually entitled to
compensation and helped me to get in contact with the correct
authorities to get it.  Check with any local consumer advocate groups.
 And if all else fails you can always "Get Gebhardt"

Dan Stovall

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