June Meeting

Jason Hall jason at infogenix.com
Tue Jun 7 10:06:29 MDT 2005

Just a last reminder about tomorrow's meeting:

RAD With Rails
Wednesday June 8, 2005 
7:30 PM 
ViaWest, Canopy 1 building, near the Lindon Home Depot (http://www.plug.org 
for map) 

Jamis Buck will present on rapid application development with Rails.  The 
advent of Rails has revolutionized the web development community. Programmers 
of PHP, Java, .NET, Python, Perl, and others are being forced to take a good 
hard look at their environment and frameworks, and are beginning to wonder 
why Ruby and Rails can make things so much easier.  Why is Rails getting so 
much attention? Why do people either love it, or hate it? Can Rails scale to 
high-volume applications? And most importantly: is Rails for you?

Come to the meeting and find out!

And don't forget folks, you can subscribe to the calendar at 
http://www.plug.org/calendar.ics and see upcoming topics.

Go ahead, you know you want to :)
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