Intel vs. Cell technology (was RE: Hell has frozen over)

JStay at JStay at
Tue Jun 7 08:04:17 MDT 2005

> This is not only in the games market.  The cell cpu was not 
> designed solely for games.  In fact, it was designed 
> specifically with hdtv in mind--it has the exact number of 
> ALUs necessary to process an hdtv stream.  IOW, besides the 
> PS3, they are gunning for the embedded market, set tops, etc. 
>  Can you imagine having a cell phone with one of these babies?
> AFAIK, the set top and embedded markets are far more valuable 
> than the gaming (video cards) and game console markets.

Is there anyone that has actually announced using cell technology for
anything other than games?  I agree that there are implications far
greater in other areas, but so far I haven't heard of them actually
signing deals with anyone else.  I am certainly excited if this does
create some competition for Intel however.  IMO there is no real such
thing as Moore's law.  So far all technology advances in the chip market
have been driven by competition and demand.


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