Intel vs. Cell technology (was RE: Hell has frozen over)

JStay at JStay at
Tue Jun 7 07:22:15 MDT 2005

> Maybe, but I predict that Sony's multi-billion dollar 
> investment into cell architecture will be well protected with 
> strong IP licensing.  It is of itself an architecture, and to 
> be compatible anything would have to match the architecture.  
> To compete along the same lines would require duplicating the 
> design w/a different instruction set--but I'd wager that the 
> design is legally protected from this happening.  
> Furthermore, Intel would have to create a new, competing 
> market for the new architecture at the same time--and we've 
> already seen them fail at this with the Itanic attempt.
> I'm guessing that for Intel to compete with the cell market, 
> it will either have to license it and play ball in Sony's 
> court producing the same stuff, or roll their own and fight 
> it out in the courts and the market where they've already 
> shown that they don't have "the right stuff".

I'm not stating that they will duplicate Sony's architecture, but rather
that they will come up with some other architecture that can compete at
Sony (and IBM)'s level.  That is, only if Sony can drive up competition
for Intel.  At the moment this is only in the games market, so we'll see
what happens.


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