Hell has frozen over

JStay at mediageneral.com JStay at mediageneral.com
Tue Jun 7 07:19:00 MDT 2005

> When I do price comparisons what I look at is the hardware.  
> Compare RAM, hard drive size, video card, etc.  And that is 
> when you notice the price difference.  I have to say that 
> Apple is coming down more lately, but you still get more bang 
> for your buck with a PC.  I could be wrong though, most of my 
> comparisons are what I can get at Newegg and not what Dell or 
> HP have to offer.  Apple laptops seemed to be on par with 
> what I've seen though.  I have an Alienware right now, but 
> they aren't known for a trim price tag either.
> Eric

Agreed.  When building your own PC Mac can't compete, nor do I think
they want to.  They have more control over what their OS wraps around
when they build the computers themselves.  This is M$'s own niche in the
marketplace (and probably Linux's as well) - ability to hot-swap
components of your computer easily at your control.


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