NUPM meeting for June

James Lance james at
Mon Jun 6 15:33:19 MDT 2005

This month Earl Cahill will be presenting on CGI::Path.

From CPAN: "CGI::Path allows for easy navigation through a set of steps, a 
path. It uses a session extensively (managed by default via Apache::Session) 
to hopefully simplify path based cgis."

If you create cgi apps you will be interested in this meeting.  Earl will be 
showing off the power and flexibility of CGI::Path.  He will include several 
1.  a simple mailer that has three pages, enter info, confirm/preview, receipt
2.  a signup process, that has say a few separate pages, that get the person's 
name, address, phone number and email address,  each on separate pages then 
does a db insert at the end
3.  a multi-path thing, based on path info, which maybe combines the above (if 
time permits).

James Lance
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