Intel vs. Cell technology (was RE: Hell has frozen over)

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at
Mon Jun 6 15:23:56 MDT 2005

> My prediction is competition will eventuall force Intel to develop
> technology that is similar or surpasses the cell as their core processor
> technology.  I wouldn't worry too much about the cell outperforming
> Intel at the moment.  Just my opinion...

Sure intel could build a chip similar to the Cell CPU, but Intel will
most likely have to break their x86 instruction set to do this.  If
they break that instruction set, then why buy from Intel?  I might as
well buy some exotic chip from Texus Instruments.  Intel tried to
ditch the x86 instruction set with their Itanium chip and got rocked
in the marketplace.  All your server is belong to AMD's Opteron now. 
Now Intel is forced to mimic the Opteron instruction set in their
future 64-bit CPUs for compatibility with AMD.  Crazy stuff, but just
goes to show that people don't care about brand nearly as much as they
care about compatibility and price/performance.


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