Hell has frozen over

Eric Jensen eric at emstraffic.com
Mon Jun 6 15:16:24 MDT 2005

Wade Preston Shearer wrote:

> I find that sad that you hope that someone will do something illegal. 
> If you want to tinker on a Mac, go grab a Mini. They are only $500.

I admit, I like try before you buy.  I test drive my cars, I make sure
large hardware purchaces have return policies, and I'll borrow a friends
software/games for a few days before making any investments.  Frankly, I
don't have a lot of sleepless nights over it.  That's what I would like
to do for Mac OS.  Borrow a Mac buddy's install discs and try it on my
own PC.  Even if I have to modify it to work with my system.  If I like
it, I will invest.  If not, I will switch back to my OS of choice.  This
seems pretty unrealistic, so that is why it is merely a "dream".


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