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Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Mon Jun 6 14:53:06 MDT 2005

On Mon,  6 Jun 2005 at 14:42 -0600, Bryan Sant wrote:
> > I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. Mac OS X has some real warts,
> > performance being one of them.
> Yikes, gasp, what!  Honestly, I'm sounding like a Mac cheerleader :-(.
>  I don't even own one.  I run Linux on the desktop 100% of the time,
> but there is NO COMPARISON of desktop performance between Linux and OS
> X.  

I do own a mac, and I dual boot linux and OS X on it. It may be that I
don't have enough RAM, but there is a very noticeable difference in
responsiveness - Linux w/ XFree86 is tons faster than OS X. 

Does xfree86 do the cool things os x does like transparency and whatnot?
No. Does all that cool stuff work well in os x? Yes. Aqua itself is no
slower (nor faster) than xfree86, but os x eats so much ram that in my
case (256M, and yes I knew it would be this way) linux is the clear
winner in performance.

> This is mostly a driver issue -- well and the fact that the Linux
> threading model (yes NPTL -- the legacy model is worse) is optimized
> for servers and royally blows for responsive desktop systems.  If you
> are lucky enough to have an nVidia card, then you're X11 system will
> rock.  However, 99% of all laptops run non-nVidia chips.  I'm sure
> that <insert your favorite *nix here> is faster than OS X at non-GUI
> oriented things -- I'm sure the TCP connect throughput just rulez --
> but freakin'-A, I want my GUI screens to paint instantly when I switch
> between them.

My iBook has an ATI card, not NVidia. 

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