Hell has frozen over

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 14:42:08 MDT 2005

> I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. Mac OS X has some real warts,
> performance being one of them.

Yikes, gasp, what!  Honestly, I'm sounding like a Mac cheerleader :-(.
 I don't even own one.  I run Linux on the desktop 100% of the time,
but there is NO COMPARISON of desktop performance between Linux and OS
X.  This is mostly a driver issue -- well and the fact that the Linux
threading model (yes NPTL -- the legacy model is worse) is optimized
for servers and royally blows for responsive desktop systems.  If you
are lucky enough to have an nVidia card, then you're X11 system will
rock.  However, 99% of all laptops run non-nVidia chips.  I'm sure
that <insert your favorite *nix here> is faster than OS X at non-GUI
oriented things -- I'm sure the TCP connect throughput just rulez --
but freakin'-A, I want my GUI screens to paint instantly when I switch
between them.

I just want a responsive *nix desktop on x86 hardware.  If Apple can
do that, then they're my huckleberry.


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