Hell has frozen over

JStay at mediageneral.com JStay at mediageneral.com
Mon Jun 6 14:28:54 MDT 2005

> I don't think so.  Consider that Dell (or PC vendor X) has to 
> pay a Microsoft tax for each machine they sell.  I don't 
> expect Apple to be as cheap as Dell because I'm sure they'll 
> use priemum components, but if all things were equal hardware 
> wise, the Apple machine could actually cost less.  Really 
> it's Dell and everyone else who has to pay for Windows who 
> have no chance of competing if Apple were to move to cut 
> throat prices...  But that will never happen, I'm sure Apple 
> will just soak up a higher profit margin knowing they sell 
> the best PC hardware money can buy.  Either way, my next PC 
> will be an Apple.

I don't understand the misinformation that's out there that Mac is more
expensive than a PC.  Mac mini's are now in the same range as the
cheaper-range Dells, and ibooks are some of the cheapest laptops out
there, even compared to current Wintel laptops.  If price is reasoning
for not getting a Mac, it should no longer be a reason.


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