Hell has frozen over

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 14:20:56 MDT 2005

> I agree it would probably perform even better on cell architecture, but
> I don't know if I see Microsoft moving in that direction any time in the
> near future.  I think business-wise, it makes more sense to put apple
> even more in the public eye by switching to Intel.  Apple will compete
> better with Microsoft on Intel.  Just think, an Intel PC that actually
> works out of the box!

Agreed, those who love Apple will still love Apple.  Personally I've
never owned a Mac, but I was planning on getting a mini some time. 
Now that they are moving to Intel there is no question in my mind that
I will be running a Mac in the future.  I'll have the best Desktop and
some of the best software availible today, and when I want to play
CounterStrike, I'll just boot into Windows (or there may be a
no-performance-impact emulator for Windows apps).  Or maybe I'll boot
into Linux, download an i386 RPM, and install it without freaking out
that it's a binary-only package and I can't recompile for PPC or cell.


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