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Michael L Torrie torriem at chem.byu.edu
Mon Jun 6 13:35:00 MDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-06-06 at 13:26 -0600, Eric Jensen wrote:
> I've personally always wanted to try running Mac OS on my PC.  You can
> build a PC so cheap now days yourself, so I can't justify spending so
> much money just to try out an OS.  Separating their all-in-one package
> and moving to an Intel architecture would be a good move I think.  Maybe
> more companies will start putting their games and other software on Mac
> OS then as well.

Well my point has always been that Apple will never do this.  You will
never be able to legally just buy and run OS X on your Dell.  If Apple
were to allow this, then they would have to compete directly with
Microsoft on Microsoft's own turf, which would be foolhardy.  The nice
thing about the Intel Macs, though, is that you can now (well next year)
go out and by a nice intel-based Mac and then run a much-more supported
version of linux on it.  Even the broadcom wireless on linux will work
(as will the nvidia drivers) since I could use ndis wrapper on it.

I doubt that this move will influence gaming at all.  All Microsoft
games target DirectX.  OS X uses primarily OpenGL.  So really the CPU is
not the issue here.  The issue is platform and API.  The amount of
effort needed to port a game to OS X is the same whether you are on PPC
or x86, unless Apple plans to polish up winex and ship it as part of OS
X (which would rock)

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