Hell has frozen over

Eric Jensen eric at emstraffic.com
Mon Jun 6 13:26:10 MDT 2005

JStay at mediageneral.com wrote:

>Agreed - Mac has never been a just "hardware" company anyway.  It has
>been the full package that has made them the money, not just the
>hardware.  Not only is their hardware pretty and does it work well, but
>the software "just works", is one of the most beautiful UI's out there,
>and runs on top of UNIX.  Anyone who buys an apple off the shelf knows
>right off that once you get it, apple pays very close attention to every
>detail of making the computer, from the packaging, to the lights on the
>outside of the computer, to the computer's design, to the software that
>comes inside to the apps that ship with the OS.  Running Mac on Intel
>will finally make Intel chips do what they were supposed to do - *work*.
>People will run M$ on their Intel and see how the Mac performs so much
>better on the same chip and be able to see even more that M$ is an
>inferior product.  M$ will finally have to start paying more attention
>to the details of their OS.
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I've personally always wanted to try running Mac OS on my PC.  You can
build a PC so cheap now days yourself, so I can't justify spending so
much money just to try out an OS.  Separating their all-in-one package
and moving to an Intel architecture would be a good move I think.  Maybe
more companies will start putting their games and other software on Mac
OS then as well.


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