Hell has frozen over

JStay at mediageneral.com JStay at mediageneral.com
Mon Jun 6 13:18:39 MDT 2005

> Don't hyperventilate. :)
> Apple is still a hardware company.  Just because their 
> computers will use Intel chips doesn't mean they'll instantly 
> become ugly.  Apple Powerbooks will still be the shiniest 
> laptops around, and most of their customers won't know 
> anything happened.

Agreed - Mac has never been a just "hardware" company anyway.  It has
been the full package that has made them the money, not just the
hardware.  Not only is their hardware pretty and does it work well, but
the software "just works", is one of the most beautiful UI's out there,
and runs on top of UNIX.  Anyone who buys an apple off the shelf knows
right off that once you get it, apple pays very close attention to every
detail of making the computer, from the packaging, to the lights on the
outside of the computer, to the computer's design, to the software that
comes inside to the apps that ship with the OS.  Running Mac on Intel
will finally make Intel chips do what they were supposed to do - *work*.
People will run M$ on their Intel and see how the Mac performs so much
better on the same chip and be able to see even more that M$ is an
inferior product.  M$ will finally have to start paying more attention
to the details of their OS.


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