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Mon Jun 6 13:06:30 MDT 2005

In its lawsuit, Qwest points out that UTOPIA, as an agency of the
cities that created it, is exempt from sales and property taxes, which
will enable it to operate and offer services over its network at
below-market prices. 
    "These financial advantages, which are not available to Qwest or
other private telecommunications companies that compete in the same
wholesale and retail markets, provide UTOPIA with a distinct competitive
advantage, which effectively prohibits other companies from competing
with UTOPIA," Qwest alleges in its lawsuit. 
    Qwest is asking the court to order UTOPIA to pay sales and property
taxes or to include the amount of those taxes into the rates it intends
to charge potential customers for high-speed Internet, telephone and
television services.
Boy I can play this problem so many ways.  Personally I lean towards
supporting utopia.  I see this battle going nation wide.  I see so many
benefits of putting high speed into poor hands.  I have always felt
strongly about low income housing having high speed internet to get in
touch with the outside world and find opportunities.  One thing is for
sure I see the big boys having to drop their price eventually one way or
another.  I hope the public wins in that battle.


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