Hell has frozen over

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Mon Jun 6 12:28:46 MDT 2005

Put it this way though - finally, one OS to rule them all that's not
Microsoft.  Apple, who does it right, and sells PCs, not just the OS,
will finally use the Intel architecture the way it is supposed to be
used!  I, for one am excited for this.  Intel processors have advanced
much further,under much less power than PPC, so I can see huge leaps and
bounds by apple in the near future.


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> It has been confirmed.  The next version of the Apple 
> PowerBook will triple boot Linux, Windows XP and Mac OS X natively.
> Well, I'm sure the hardware will be special and I hope they 
> keep OpenFirmware instead of using a crappy intel bios, but 
> nevertheless, PowerPC is dead.  And honestly, I think this 
> decision is the beginning of the end of Apple.  I had great 
> hopes for them.
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