actiontec, qworst, and unhappiness

Andy Bradford amb-plug at
Sun Jun 5 09:48:11 MDT 2005

Thus said Brandon Beattie on Fri, 03 Jun 2005 10:06:45 MDT:

> the Cisco's that is very similar. I  have a friend who owns an ISP and
> verified  that some  ISP Cisco  routers when  rebooted will  cause the
> subscribers DSL modems to stop working until they are also rebooted. I

This sounds like  the customer (not the ISP) hasn't  updated the CBOS on
the 678 and hasn't  disabled access to the ports. There  is a well known
DoS against  the 678 and I  believe port 80  (or maybe 23) which  can be
avoided by simply changing the port and making sure the CBOS is upgraded
to the latest.

> it.  You can  try another  modem and  it may  be better,  but from  my
> experience, a Cisco 678 still will have problems.

The only  problems I have ever  had with my  678 were rarely due  to the
Cisco 678. Indeed:

cbos>show uptime
Current uptime is 58 days, 11 hours and 10 minutes

And the only reason why it is so low was likely a power outage.

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