actiontec, qworst, and unhappiness

Hans Fugal hans at
Fri Jun 3 11:43:35 MDT 2005

A cisco wouldn't be a bad way to go, but if you're looking for a cheaper
solution you may be able to set up your linux box to do part of the

My actiontec (the wireless one that qwest rents these days) hasn't
needed attention for a couple of months. I don't know if it's just luck,
or if it has to do with my doing pppoe in linux and not on the modem.
(your ISP needs to support this - you _are_ using xmission right?)

A previous actiontec bit the dust with no more abuse than unplugging and
plugging to power cycle it when it was not working. Since I'm renting,
they just sent me a new one, but I would hate to have bought the thing.
I don't think I'd buy an actiontec.

On Fri,  3 Jun 2005 at 11:51 -0400, Glen Wagley wrote:
> I contacted the Utopia folks a couple of weeks ago and it looks like my part of
> Orem won't be getting service until next year. I'm stuck with qwest dsl until
> then. I have the infamous actiontec modem which I loathe. About once or twice a
> week (and always while I'm at work), I'll notice that I can't ssh into my box at
> home. I then ping the modem (which I have setup as a gateway) and of course it
> has frozen. I then call my wife and kindly ask her to unplug the stupid thing
> and plug it back in. This has bitten me a few times when I needed to drag some
> files off that box remotely. Qwest claims that this is normal. Barring the fact
> that I need to get a Cisco 678, what else can I do to keep this stupid actiontec
> up? Is there any way that I could have a machine ping the thing every so often,
> and kick off something that would powercycle it when needed?
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