actiontec, qworst, and unhappiness

Loren Chandler loren at
Fri Jun 3 10:50:13 MDT 2005

I'll assume you have the Actiontec 1520 or 1524? I had the same kind of 
problems with mine, so I just switched to an Actiontec GT704-WG, the 
4-port cousin of the GT701-WG that Qwest is selling now, since I heard 
that didn't have as many problems. I am happy with it so far, and I have 
also discovered it is running a Linux kernel (2.4.x) and firewall, and 
has a busybox command shell language (although I don't know how useful 
this is yet). The power switch on the back alone makes it worth the 
money (no more unplugging and plugging back in even if I do have to 
power-cycle). It also has 802.11g built-in so I sold my wireless router, 
clearing up another power outlet and recovering some lost desk real estate.


Glen Wagley wrote:
> I contacted the Utopia folks a couple of weeks ago and it looks like my part of
> Orem won't be getting service until next year. I'm stuck with qwest dsl until
> then. I have the infamous actiontec modem which I loathe. About once or twice a
> week (and always while I'm at work), I'll notice that I can't ssh into my box at
> home. I then ping the modem (which I have setup as a gateway) and of course it
> has frozen. I then call my wife and kindly ask her to unplug the stupid thing
> and plug it back in. This has bitten me a few times when I needed to drag some
> files off that box remotely. Qwest claims that this is normal. Barring the fact
> that I need to get a Cisco 678, what else can I do to keep this stupid actiontec
> up? Is there any way that I could have a machine ping the thing every so often,
> and kick off something that would powercycle it when needed?

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