actiontec, qworst, and unhappiness

Eric Jensen eric at
Fri Jun 3 10:25:33 MDT 2005

Glen Wagley wrote:

>I contacted the Utopia folks a couple of weeks ago and it looks like my part of
>Orem won't be getting service until next year. I'm stuck with qwest dsl until
>then. I have the infamous actiontec modem which I loathe. About once or twice a
>week (and always while I'm at work), I'll notice that I can't ssh into my box at
>home. I then ping the modem (which I have setup as a gateway) and of course it
>has frozen. I then call my wife and kindly ask her to unplug the stupid thing
>and plug it back in. This has bitten me a few times when I needed to drag some
>files off that box remotely. Qwest claims that this is normal. Barring the fact
>that I need to get a Cisco 678, what else can I do to keep this stupid actiontec
>up? Is there any way that I could have a machine ping the thing every so often,
>and kick off something that would powercycle it when needed?
Having the same problems with our Actiontec and was looking into the
Cisco 678.  Did some googling and found support pages for it on Qwest's
site.  Anybody know if Qwest will let you upgrade to one through them? 
When I called their support and tried to get a replacement the
technician told me the problem was I didn't have it plugged in directly
to the wall and power fluctuations are what is making it lock up so he
refused to replace it or upgrade it.  I have it plugged into a UPS, so I
didn't really buy his response.

If Qwest doesn't supply them anybody know of a good place to get one?  I
rarely venture far from Newegg with my computer purchases and they
didn't seem to carry it. ;)


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