actiontec, qworst, and unhappiness

Jeff Nyman Jeff.Nyman at
Fri Jun 3 10:11:32 MDT 2005

> A Cisco 678 won't be the perfect solution either.  I'm not 
> familiar with
> the Actiontecs and what is going wrong, but I know of a problem with
> the Cisco's that is very similar.  I have a friend who owns an ISP and
> verified that some ISP Cisco routers when rebooted will cause the
> subscribers DSL modems to stop working until they are also 
> rebooted.  I
> think there is a work around, or a way to avoid this but it 
> sounds like
> it is on the ISP side.  I have C-Solutions and have had the 
> modem hang a
> half dozen times.  I know with other ISPs it happens much more often.
> It sounds though like it's when something specific is done on 
> the ISP's
> router though, when it is rebooted or if something else is done to
> it.  You can try another modem and it may be better, but from my
> experience, a Cisco 678 still will have problems.  
> I should also note that twice when the power has gone out qwest's
> local (few streets away) hardware isn't on UPS's and will go down.  If
> my hardware stays up on UPS's I still have to reboot the modem after
> qwests hardware comes back up, to get the modem working again.
> --Brandon
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> The best thing I ever did was get a 678 for my Qwest connection.
In the last three months of it running I have never had to 
reboot it. It just retrains until it can re-establish 
the connection. My actiontec was luck to stay up for 
a week. Got my 678 from the DI for 3 bucks! Just thought
you would like to know that :)

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