Programming Language starting with "U"

Levi Pearson levi at
Sun Jul 31 19:11:30 MDT 2005

On Jul 31, 2005, at 5:37 PM, Dave Smith wrote:

> At Evan McNabb's reception last night, the Geek Table was trying to  
> name a
> programming language for each letter of the alphabet. We got  
> stumped on U.
> It turns out that UserLand Frontier, a CMS, has its own scripting
> language.

If obfuscated languages count, there's also Unlambda, which is a  
truly perverse thing:  A lambda calculus missing the lambda  
operator.  Hans was telling me that one of the Fugal clan (can't  
remember who, sorry) recently wrote an Unlambda interpreter in a few  
lines of Ruby.


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