Novell CLE 9 certification and getting the babes!

Roberto Mello rmello at
Fri Jul 29 10:15:12 MDT 2005

On Thu, Jul 28, 2005 at 03:44:48PM -0600, Gabriel Gunderson wrote:
> I just received an email from Novel on the CLE.  I followed the link [1]
> and I'm so distracted by the typically dumb corporate imagery [2] used
> on the page that I can't even read the article.
> What is that picture saying anyway?
> How about...
> "I've earned the CLE and now all the office babes can't keep their eyes
> off me and my teeth are whiter too!"

More likely this is what happenned:

* A marketing person read in some magazine that having pictures on web
  pages helps them be more effective.
* Suits like to see other suits on pictures
* Said marketing person reports to suits
* "AHA! I'll put suits on the pictures" -- thought the marketing person
* Marketing persons contracts some very expensive modelling agency.
  Marketing person requests that the models be of different races, because
  that's more politically correct. Of course, modelling agency charges
  extra for that.
* Modelling agency spends a few days photographing around the Novell building
  in Provo (I personally witnessed this happenning while I was at Novell)
* Marketing gets the pictures and a large invoice back. He/She then hires 
  some expensive graphic designer to "touch up" the pictures, make teeth 
  whiter, etc.
* After getting retouched pictures back, marketing person hires another
  expensive graphc designer to make a page with all the pictures. Said
  designer works on windows.
* Designed page is put on the web targeted at people running Linux, who
  don't like suits, don't wear ties, and usually don't artifically whiten
  their teeth.


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