X display access, "no matter what"

Von Fugal von at fugal.net
Wed Jul 27 13:46:35 MDT 2005

So my computer got turned off today while I was away, but not "away". Up
comes this message in a terminal "Power button pressed, system going
down for system halt NOW!" This computer is hooked up to a TV and the
most likely reason for being turned off is because the TV showed the
computer and not TV. I would like to compile some kind of fun video to
be displayed when the power button is pressed, instead of turning off.
a) Any ideas for such a video?
and more importantly...
b) How can I play the video on the X display whether it's GDM login
screen, or somebody logged in or whatever? (of course the script /will/
be run with root priveledges on the power button event)

One possibility would be to chvt 1 and play with -vo svg, but I'd like
to go the X route if at all possible.

Von Fugal
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