redundant NICs

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Tue Jul 26 09:23:01 MDT 2005

* Lars Rasmussen [Mon, 25 Jul 2005 at 13:00 -0600]
> > I disagree. My original facetious comment was a hasty generalization,
> > that's what made it funny. Ok, so you're not laughing. I don't see
> > anywhere above or in the thread where I appealed to any authority but my
> > own.
> Precisly.  The statement, "I'm quite sure all those problems combined
> are more frequent than failing power supplies." cites yourself as the
> authority(therfore an appeal to authority) and is a generalization
> based on an admitted small sampling of your own experience.

OK, so he wants to plan for NIC failure based on past experience. That's
his prerogative. And never once did he claim himself an authority,
rather he always included disclaimers that he did not do any scientific
study. Telling him not to worry about NICs and to be more concerned
about power supplies is like telling a child not to worry about
lightbulbs and that the stove is more dangerous though the child has
burned himself on lightbulbs before. You can tell the child not to touch
the stove, but you're not going to convince him light bulbs are safe.

I'd also like to note that I can't count the number of times I've had
connectivity problems, but I've had a power supply fail, um, never.
Granted, my cables and switches aren't in a locked room where nobody
walks... but even if I limit it to the work situation, I've had a few (I
can definately count them, I think 3) connectivity issues at work and
power supplies again none.
However, I had a roomate that would go through power supplies at least
one a year if not more. People have different karmas. Hans has bad NIC
karma, I have bad cable karma. One must factor in one's karma when
optimizing uptime. </silliness>

> > I admit to not having done a scientific statistical study, but it
> > doesn't take a study to recognize that NIC connectivity loss happens.
> I don't see where you're going here - am I supposed to adopt a new
> premise & context of our arguement that "NICs never fail"?
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