OT: Selling my Sharp Zaurus SL-5600 (hey it runs linux!)

Michael Torrie torriem at chem.byu.edu
Mon Jul 25 17:48:13 MDT 2005

A recent slashdot article reminded me that I have a Zaurus 5600 that I
want to sell.  I haven't used it in about 2 years.  I am asking about
$150 for it (I see them going for much more, even used, on e-bay), since
I'm throwing in some extras like a CF wireless card.  If no one here is
interested, I'll put it up on e-bay.  Here are the specs:

- Screen in good condition, has protective film over it
- Slide out keyboard
- hard cover flips down over screen to protect it
- XScale 400 MHz processor
- 32 MB RAM, 64 MB of writable Flash storage
- Built-in IR
- Compact flash slot (for either storage or wireless)
- SD card slot (can be used at the same time as CF)
- Linux 2.4 kernel, stock Zaurus firmware, based on Qtopia
- Comes with usb dock and power supply
- Capable of running OpenZaurus[1] firmware, based on the new
OpenEmbedded linux distro
- Hackable
- Runs an ssh daemon
- Has gaim and vncviewer installed
- Hancom office software, compatible with MS Office formats
- Opera web browser
- misc games
- Terminal where you can use bash!

I'm also throwing in the following value-added items:
- D-Link Air 802.11b CF wireless card
- Extra power adapter
- Custom USB cord to allow you plug the zaurus into the computer without
putting it in the dock.  This allows you to set up networking over the
USB cable and still use the keyboard.

I no longer have the CD that came with it, but you can download the
software for syncing, etc from Sharp[2].  Unfortunately the software
really only works with windows, or at least that's what it was like 2
years ago when I bought it.

Contact me if you want more information or if you're interested.

[1] http://www.openzaurus.org
[2] http://www.myzaurus.com

Michael Torrie <torriem at chem.byu.edu>

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