redundant NICs

Lars Rasmussen lars.rasmussen at
Mon Jul 25 11:05:11 MDT 2005

> On Fri, 22 Jul 2005 at 13:22 -0600, Lars Rasmussen wrote:
> > Are you inferring that NICs are as prone to failure as power supplies?

On 7/23/05, Hans Fugal <hans at> wrote:
> Facetiously. I know NICs are (or at least should be) more reliable than
> power supplies.

So we agree?

> I don't really care how power supplies compare to NICs, the point is
> that NICs fail. Even more important, switches fail, switches lose power,
> cables between switches and servers and other switches fail, and dumb
> system administrators accidentally unplug cables. I'm quite sure all
> those problems combined are more frequent than failing power supplies.

This last statement is a good example of the 'Hasty generalization' &
'Appeal to authority' logical fallacies.


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