DVD Burner recommendations?

Eric Jensen eric at emstraffic.com
Mon Jul 25 09:22:46 MDT 2005

Stephen Shaw wrote:

>I have a liteon duallayer burner on suse 9.3 and it has work great for
>me this far.  No complaints.  In fact I've only bought liteon drives and
>burner and have great luck.  I don't know about externals but I imagine
>them to be the same.  As far as distro I'd image it works with FC3 and
>4.  oh and I've been using k3b with it no problem.
I am all Lite-on for CD-RW, but the last DVD-RW or two I had from them
crapped out within months.  Now me and several friends are using NEC
DVD-RW drives and they have been fantabulous.  These are all internal
though, never even seen an external in person so I really can't say much
about that.


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