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>Do you find differences in the quality of person 
>if they work for a large company versus a small startup?

not really.  sometimes super good people accidentally^H^H^H i mean, decide,
to go to large companies.  kidding of course - i just personally prefer
smaller ones, but i've worked with incredbile engineers that cut their teeth
at very large corporations - and many large corporations have amazing
engineers at them.  it's a great way to get into things, get some training,

in my opinion, where a candidate worked at, and what they were doing, most
recently, seems to be one of the better success indicators.  but this is
just a general rule, and hiring people is really more art (and luck) than
science.  anyway, do one of those 'top 50 engineers department' searches
from newsweek or whatever, and then figure out which one will accept you and
go there.  don't be afraid to leave utah for a little while - expand your
horizons. ;-)

Josh Coates

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On 7/22/05, Josh Coates <jcoates at> wrote:

> i have been in the position of hiring many, many engineers, and 
> interviewing many times more than that.  the first thing i look at is 
> where (if) they went to school, and where they worked last.  this is a 
> typical method of skimming resumes because it generally produces good

Just curious what you look for in "where they worked last"?  Do you find
differences in the quality of person if they work for a large company versus
a small startup?

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