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Eric Jensen eric at
Fri Jul 22 15:39:46 MDT 2005

Josh Coates wrote:

>i mean, go read like 10, from different parts of the country.  you'll see
>the trend.
>but the short answer is, your course load will be very, very cs heavy once
>you get into the major - but if you are just starting out as freshman, your
>first year may have a bunch of non-cs courses. 
That's the info I was looking for.  I have looked at around 5 or 6 CS
programs and the ones I looked at just showed an overview or list of all
the classes you would need to take.  Sorry if I came off as lazy with my
research, I just don't understand the academic process very well and it
is very hard to gauge how and when those classes would play out.  So,
knowing that the first 2 or 3 semesters will be heavy into general
education and then you will move into more and more major specific
courses is great information.  I can easily suffer through a few
semesters of generals, but my fear was that the entire experience would
be saturated with them.  Making it difficult to not only enjoy it, but
to really absorb and focus on my major.  If by the end it is looking
more like 2/3 CS, that sounds like fun.

Thanks again everyone, this has been a very informative thread.


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