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Eric Jensen eric at
Fri Jul 22 14:36:44 MDT 2005

Kimball Larsen wrote:

> Let me pop in here real quick to relate something...There.  I said my
> piece.
> -- Kimball
I am finding all this information very helpfull.  Her is another big
question though.  My big problem with going back to school isn't so much
the time infestment or difficulty.  I work just as hard in self-study. 
The big problem is the misery imposed by the corriculum.  Here is what I
mean by that.  When I got my Associates in Computer Science it was 90%
classes that had nothing to do with any form of technology.  But I could
understand that as you need a well rounded education and lots of other
skills to communicate in the work force.  But I was told that a
Bachelors is much better with focusing on your major.  Not sure if this
is just a lie in Utah or not, but all the CS programs I checked out for
our Universities still only had a handfull of CS classes.  Your class
load was still well over 50% general education or very odd classes like
Social Speaking.

Point being, it is difficult for me to go through that much misery for
so little CS education.  I would rather spend 3 years studying what
actually helps my career choice.  Am I just wrong on this?  Are their
programs out there that focus on CS, but still suppliment with general
education?  I still think the general education is important, I just
don't feel it should be the focus at this point.


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